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I’m an old/young veteran teacher, full of Life and Agape Love, who has lived, seen, and heard it all.

Many of you have found this page after watching my video, so you probably do not doubt that claim. If you have not watched it, the link will be below.

The purpose of this page is to let you know a little about me and what I do, so that you may find the confidence to call me, if I am needed.

The doing of this, and helping any who wish it, without charge, is now considered by me to be the only reason for being here.

These are the 5 stages of Consciousness that “I” have climbed; and have helped 1,000’s to travel through during the course of ‘their’ journeys. These correlate with the levels described by The Great Schools, along with Kohlberg, Piaget, Aurobindo, Wilber, etc.

1) The ‘Self’ may need help to first unify and stabilize the very same impermanent structure within each of us that we believe our SELF to be; in the doing of this phase- the Emotional Obscurations are identified, addressed and resolved.

2) As that is occurring, the Self then needs to negate and dis-identify from IT’S sense of I-ness as that impermanent structure; for IT is not who YOU truly are.

3) Then, as it is revealed within each of Us… the same Permanent Structure that lies behind the impermanent, we may need help to affirm That Permanent Structure as being who we Truly Are. For a bit yet, it will seem to come and to go. This is because we leave the Bliss of it, as the remnants of the impermanent structure- snare us back, until the Cognitive Obscurations  are identified, addressed and then resolved.

4) So, by having “Works” and a “New View” to help us, we can get back to THAT within, over and over again, as our sense of I-ness shifts to living as/from THAT within, while the last of the impermanent structure is transmuted, or more precisely, used as food by That within.(a Spiritual, Mystical, Oneness experience is de-constructive, not constructive) As this occurs, the Bliss Phases end. We come to stabilize there… and LIVE from That Empty Fullness within, as a structure, rather than a state or stage.

5) Then, “That Within”, merges with “That Without” and becomes the structure from which we will live. As this occurs, there is a period of total, inner silence and continuous awareness, without any sleep at all… 24/7.

Almost 20 yrs ago now, after some Self-Inquiry exercises, I laid on my bed because something was happening.

I swung up into the most profound Grief possible, beyond even the meaning of grief. Then it swung back down to neutral then swung up into Bliss, beyond even the meaning of bliss. Three times it swung… over two hours that was eternity; each time it swung lower than the time before till my face, hair and pillow was soaked from my tears of bliss and grief.

Then The Swing stopped, as both extremes harmonized at the bottom of the arc.

Then a huge explosion occurred from my chest, and LOVE… unlike anything the mere word can wrap around, shot out to my closest family member 3 states away and I worried for a second because I was sure they felt it and might not understand.

Then person by person to everyone I knew, the same thing happened till finally it sprayed across the town, then the state, then the country, then the world.

When it was over… I scribbled a short note to my family and told them I didn’t really die; I am done here and have went to the next place. Do not grieve.

Then I laid back down to die.

Alas, it was merely the beginning of so many things and the end of the old.

Blessings and Love upon you all!

(There is much more to read beneath the video link)

If you weren’t brought here by the video above, you should start there before reading further.

Can you answer the question in it?

Make your list & call me with it.

Email me first at

I do not charge anything.

If you are a Teacher, Guide or Coach of any kind, I’m especially interested in helping you become comfortable with the methodology within the video so that you may use it for others if you wish. Once you have viewed the video then you could move on to the Sword Sutras under the Dharma Wheel tab above.

When navigating the 5 levels above, as all of you are in the process of doing; there is nothing you are going to experience that ‘i’ have not been through or guided others through many times already. It’s a Ladder, with familiar rungs that all must touch on as they pass.

I have taught yoga, fasting, diet, hydration, meditation approaches and self-inquiry techniques; and helped many with the out-of-the-body experience’s, past-life recalls, lucid dreaming and awareness’s that are experienced during the stages above.

My ‘name’ is James…

In the 3rd grade, at the age of 8, I jumped up in the middle of class and said to the teacher, “I get it! We’re here to be capitalists, right? If I know where a well of water is and someone is thirsty, I don’t tell them where the well is; I keep it secret and sell them a cup instead! That’s capitalism, right?”

She said that was a good description of capitalism.

“Then I’m done here!” I said “I’ve come to tell them where the well is!”

I pushed my school books off the desk; the same books they were going to spend a whole year with- that I had read in a weekend; and I ran over and climbed out the window! I walked miles to get home and was never going back. I already knew there was nothing there of value; there was only a lot to distract you with.

I had already noticed what was missing.

When kindergarten began i had already started on my Dad’s 300 book library. At age 5 while the other kids were taking naps on their mats i was reading Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein.

This is memorable because i was reading Pellucidar, by Edgar Rice Boroughs during the first month of kindergarten and the teacher asked me what i was reading; apparently i told her. My mom told the story a few times; the teacher talked to her that day and was upset that I was reading such adult material.

She asked, “Well, does he understand it?”

To which the teacher replied, “Yes, and that’s what’s so disturbing!”

I don’t remember much else till the 3rd grade. During it, i finished the last book from Dads library; around 200 science fiction novels and about 100 other assorted works.

I was severely hypoglycemic when young; although no one, even myself, knew it at that time. It is said a hypoglycemics’ IQ can swing 70 points.

The swing in one direction was paralyzing, physically unable to move, absolute, throbbing, nonverbal, nightmarish fear; I was hanging on to life and sanity by sheer willpower alone and it seemed to last forever each time.

In the other direction, I would swing up and enter a state when I would be looking at something ordinary, like a flower or a shoe or a pencil or my hand; all of a sudden, all labeling would stop, the mind would drop and I would be merging with what was seen and all was glowing and Divine.

There was only the awareness of seeing it in a way no one had ever been able to see it before. It would last forever, it seemed; now I know that time had dropped along with the mind during these mere moments of oneness that lasted forever. Then the moment would be gone and I would swing back towards agony again. I didn’t really understand it or know how to control it; and often it would happen at the worst of times.

But, it was always Divine.

These ”Divine Non-Dual” moments eventually stopped happening, however they came to shape my every response to life in a super-conscious, rather than a subconscious way.
The moments of stark fear in the other direction came to shape my responses in a subconscious way.

The swing from one extreme to the other covered the entire range of what my circuitry could handle. It covered the entire range of possible emotions for me at the time, with non-dual dropping of the mind occurring at each extreme of the swing, but for two different reasons. Both eventually stopped happening to such extremes, but always there was The Swing.

It was also in the third grade that I finally challenged the science teacher; I was still after this one plus one always equals two thing they were trying to sell.

He put his hands on his hips in front of the class and said, “Well then, give me your argument why one plus one doesn’t always equal two!”

I said, “Take an ounce of this liquid, mix it with an ounce of that liquid and you get a lot more than two ounces of liquid; you get an explosion, or a gas cloud of poison that kills ten blocks of people. How about a pound of plutonium added to another pound and you get a nuclear bomb? As a matter of fact, I can think of a whole bunch of things I wouldn’t want to be around when you add them together and try to prove they only equal two!”

I was laughing so hard…  His face scrunched up and his mouth started opening and closing like a fish… finally he could speak… he sent me to the Principals office.
From then on it was my mission to try and get each teacher to contradict themselves in their own field of specialty.
I thought of it as trying to find someone intelligent to talk to; someone that didn’t cling to inconstant phenomena; someone that wasn’t trapped in the paradigms they were selling, the spin they were programming us with.

I got sent to the Principals office a lot.

The 5th Stage of Consciousness, mentioned at the beginning of this page, lasted two years in ‘my’ case, (don’t stay there longer, or ‘you’ will never speak again) Now “i” am in what is considered the 11th year of “Ripening” beyond that Final Silence.
That two year experience occurred during 17 years in State and Federal prisons, over marijuana. I had asked Life, The Universe, with all my heart for a way to get time to figure everything out. Haha! Be careful what you ask for!  I have been out for 11 years and this body is 53 years old. A fuller Bio is being prepared.

That two-year experience was preceded by 4-5 years of extreme fasting, a vegetarian diet and yoga postures; which, through countless adjustments and eventual 4-5 hour yoga sessions spiraled the old body apart and spiraled a new one back together.

That two year experience was also preceded by two years of meditation and self-inquiry that spiraled the false me apart and revealed That which remains.

In a sense, I’m finishing one type of career as a teacher or guide, and beginning a different one. Having worked personally & privately with almost 2500 people over the last 20 years; I’m now shifting to a public social presence. As you will see below, I just discovered the Internet 5-6 yrs ago.

Collaboration is the Process of Synthesis, occurring through non-competitive creative cooperation and the development of a shared knowledge base through the reduction of asymmetrical information, compartmentalization and hierarchy.

Collaboration is the highest form of Cooperation, if it involves willing parties who practice Full Disclosure without thought of gain or advantage over the other parties.

Collaboration occurs when these collaborators contribute their various assets, creative resources and knowledge bases towards a shared goal; the synthesis of their combined inputs result in the finished work.

In music, for example, the last collaborator to join the group that creates a specific song is kept track of for copyright reasons.

In a larger sense, with any project or work, there is a ‘last collaborator’ who joins the project and then it gets completed; it helps even more if they arrive with both the necessary critical information and the right tools for the project.

We have all been the last collaborator many times for others who were needing help with projects.

In the project of someone with a flat tire or broken down vehicle you were the last collaborator when you showed up with tools and jumper cables.
In the project of someone preparing a meal, you were the last collaborator when you went into the kitchen and helped them.
In the project of someone needing to enter a building, you were the last collaborator when you held the door open for them.
In the project of someone who is suffering through painful or difficult events, you were the last collaborator when you ‘held their hand’ through the ordeal.
In the project of someone seeking a lost item, you were the last collaborator when you showed up and discovered where they left it.

I had a ‘disorder’ for a very long time and everybody tried to help me, but after all of the ordinary experts and their ordinary solutions, I still had the same problem.

Some problems would be worth anything to be free of.

For a long time, I had an idea of a ‘me’ I knew I could become.  A ‘better me’ I would like to think of myself as, and just knew there had to be ‘something more’…  but I felt stuck.  After everywhere I had been, everything I had done, everywhere I had looked, everyone I had talked to, and every state I had experienced… I was still just me.

Some things would be worth anything to attain.

If in the Project of Life, the goal is to find a fast moving trail, up a mountain…to a comfortable perch, and everyone is slipping around on the ice and stumbling into each other, The Last Collaborator would be the one who shows up with a rope…

If in the Project of Life, the goal is to unravel this huge, tangled, knotted-up mess we have made of our big ball of string, The Last Collaborator would be the one who finally brings a sword.

You’ve collaborated with everyone in your life towards these ‘projects’. You’ve searched for solutions everywhere. With any project or work, there is a ‘last collaborator’ who joins the project and then it gets completed. It helps even more if they arrive with both the necessary critical information and the right tools for the project.

This is what I do… and it is my very purpose for being here.
This is me showing up… rope in one hand and a sword in the other.

The Sword of Truth is to cut away falsehood and reveal what we are not.
The Rope of Compassionate Discernment is to reveal what we truly are contributing,
to pull us away from it a bit and to show that we already had our comfortable perch, we just weren’t sitting on it.

It was only that in the darkness all the knotted string had us entangled and confused; once cut loose, it turned out to be a really big fishing net…  and it caught everyone of us.

Would you like to have healthy, normal sleep, with no tossing and turning, with healthy, normal, and even lucid dreams; so your brain and mind can do their ‘Administrative Maintenance’ in a healthy, normal way?

Would you like to break free of whatever has you stuck; to finally become that ‘better you’?  And then to find in amazement, that… not only is there a LOT of ‘something more’… but, also that you’ve had it with you all the time!
What would that be worth?

I have to ask that, because this is important, and some chances don’t come around very often.

So bring that with you… or, at least the right attitude, and let’s get it done, together. If you’ve ever been waiting for someone to talk with, about all the stuff you can’t talk about with anyone else…  this might be your chance.

When we enter this plane in infant human form, a veil of illusion descends upon us. This veil, that we think we are, is what cuts us off from the Source energy that is our True Nature. In the worst of cases, and today, in most cases, it is a veil programmed through trauma, which is clear now, upon having watched the video.

“i”… am a guide, that, as the reason for the human journey, rejects the Control Systems from the very beginning, with The Will required to do it; then seeks resolution between contradictions found both within the outer world and the inner world within; who discovers, reveals and makes seen what is hidden or obscured, first for himself, and then for those who are ready to see it; which was the very reason for the journey.

It is one of the most difficult life-paths a being can choose to experience while in the container of human form, once fired upon its clock-spring journey; it requires more sheer will to stay on the path of a solitary sage than any other path; moving with the crowd is easy, moving against it completely alone takes great effort, especially when you are trying to help them all and so you must disturb the comfortable, as well as comfort the disturbed.

When awareness is given to attached, fixated consciousness, it frustrates the fixed translation the consciousness is imprisoned within, causing cognitive dissonance. If this frustration is allowed, a higher order view is attained that includes the prior views, yet with contradiction washed away; if this frustration is resisted, the being spreading awareness is seen as an enemy, as evil, and attacked.

The very beings the guide is here to serve and save, are the very beings that will flip against and turn upon the guide in persecution of the messenger so as to not be destroyed by the message, in order to defend the Falsehood of the Lie they have come to believe in as being who they are.

To unite and synthesize two views you must disrupt and frustrate both, to a degree; this has to occur initially so that a higher order view can emerge that includes a synthesis of both prior views, but is not of them.

To unite and synthesize two groups you must disrupt and frustrate both, to a degree; this has to occur initially so that a higher order sense of group identity can emerge that includes a synthesis of both prior group identities, but is not of them.
To unite and synthesize ten groups you must disrupt ten groups, to a degree.

I am trying to unite us all… every single sentient being, every species, every race, every group, every religion, every layer of society, and every nation or civilization, whether in space, on the surface or underground.

It’s not that I see or don’t see differences; they are just given no energy from me.
Then, what remains is the similar we all share in common.

Ten people may come to me for help with what they think are dramatically ‘different afflictions’ that even have different names. I don’t see ten different people with ten different afflictions when they come; I see a group of ten people with the same exact Cause for their suffering, irregardless of its varying symptomatic expressions.

Three devout people from three different religions may come to me searching for god or enlightenment or spiritual growth. Each may think they are built different inside than the other two; each may think they are going to different destinations than the other two; and each may think the other two have been led astray by their false religions.

I don’t see three people from three different religions when they come. I see three people having the same human growth experience, trapped in the same delusion, striving to overcome the exact same internal configuration shared by all; and so, largely, I do the same exact thing for all three.

Same cause, same problem, same solution.

Does it matter to a mountain rescue guide that most of the climbers speak different languages and so keep using different sounding throat grunts when referring to the very same rope they’re all holding, the very same waist they all tie the rope around and the very same ice they are all slipping on?

I don’t care what terms a climber wants to call the rope, the waist they tie it around, the ice I’m dragging them out of, or what they think about the direction to go.

I’m still going to throw all of them the same rope, because I see everyone has hands; and I will always suggest their waist to tie it around, because I see that everyone has a waist; and I pull them all in the exact same direction off of the very same ice and away from the very same dangerous cliff because I know that all of them have the very same fear of that cliff and that all of them seek the very same antidote to that very same fear.

Where we part ways is when one of them tries to insist that up is down or east is west or that in is out because someone told them so, or because they read it in a guide book for hikers.

I know instantly if they’re lost or confused.

I’ve guided almost two thousand climbers on this mountain in all conditions, all seasons, all different times of night or day, no matter what condition they came in, or what different words they wanted to use to describe the very same mountain, very same trails, very  same rope, very same ice, very same sky and the very same air we all breath.

I’ve already been to the mountaintop once for me; the other trips were for everyone else.

I have been to different countries; speak two languages; have lived with over 35 families across 25 states.

I have been in over a thousand homes on 3hr appointments selling natural meats and organic vegetables; have given a hundred speeches at chiropractic clinics and yoga centers concerning how to to meditate, fast, detox and hydrate the body and why to avoid processed foods, vaccines and public water.

I have taught 40 hr classes on many subjects for years inside federal prisons. I have worked as a Coach/Guide/Awakener with over 700 prison inmates, have had senators, congressman and even one of Castro’s generals as my celly.

I have guided or counseled killers, rapists and their victims, business people, parents, children, gang members, victims of SRA, abductees, contactees, spiritual seekers of all kinds, martial artists, and every kind of person you couldn’t even imagine. It’s far more than I could could ever say here.

Excepting severe physical brain trauma and its consequences, addiction to psych medicine and its consequences, there have been no surprises or new things encountered by me for at least the last 100 trips.

I see that everybody puts their pants on the same exact way but love to argue over which direction to face when doing it, whether to hold your breath or not, whether it’s ok to talk or not… blah, blah, blah.

I don’t have much time for all that superstitious childish stuff, when there is a whole crowd of people to help stretched over the trail who all have their pants tangled around their very same kinds of legs the very same kind of way and slipping around on the very same kind of ice and sliding down the very same slope towards the very same destination; I have to help them all, and to do it over the babble of their insistent declarations about how different they are from each other.

I have no evidence that the final silence can be ‘attained’ without serious meditative work, and I do have a few things that are a lot of help towards the doing of that work. Though I have taught, or guided others continuously during all those phases of the journey, it is only the last couple years that I have become able to write again without there being a question from another to create a response from within me; only the last couple years that I can easily type the letter ‘I’.

For those who would be about These “Works” in any way, or those who know that the key to our struggles… is to reestablish connection with the Source Energy, within us, as we drop our illusory, programmed views; there is something I am to give you, and the doing of that, is again the very purpose for my existence.

I need to show you how to help each other before I go. I need to show those who would become Guides for others: all my little rope tricks; the special knots I use; how I plant my feet when pulling; how to keep the climbers attention and how to encourage them when their hands and legs tire and they want to give up and let go.

This is the beginning of that Work…

I do not sell anything; will not be selling anything. I  have never done anything for money as a primary reason in my entire life… and have never charged a single person from among the thousands I have helped to change and grow.

I wish only to Collaborate.

If I ever meet one of you that truly Knows, we probably won’t talk much at all… we’ll just sit smiling at each other… the empty fullness I am being the same empty fullness that you are.

Can you find all four Dharma Seals in my teachings? Because, after allowing for a touch of skillful means… I know EXACTLY where they are.

For or Against in the blink of an eye… I am The Sword that divides.
This… is a  Lion’s Roar… the courage and final fearlessness of a Bodhisattva.

You will allow, I hope, for Upaya… Skillful Means; but that could require that you know my audience… and maybe you don’t, or maybe it isn’t you. (Jesus & Buddha both said that)

This life-stream is the final fulfillment of an ancient vow once made, but I am sorry to tell you that the I that once made it so very long ago, is gone. There is no longer an ‘I’… that can promise to come again.

The only vow ‘i’ can now make is this… until this body drops or is taken from me… for so long as you are seeking “That Within… your guide I will be.

The One we all are, needs both individually and collectively, to face the Shadow of our Lie, thereby piercing the veil, so that our core beingness can wash through in order to defrag and condense our spiritual hard drives… so that we vibrate higher, as a whole.

Only then can we know who, and where, The True Enemy is.

Only then can we divert the energy within ”The One” we are all a part of, from destruction to nurture, from competition to cooperation, from attention to differences to acknowledgment of similarities, from creating scarcity to allowing the emergence of plenitude, from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness, from blocking the emergence of awareness to simply allowing it, from destroying the emergent divinity within us to letting it transform us.

Of the five choices available for Conflict-Resolution, thinking first of others is the only chance of a win-win solution.

It is a decision between Service to Self or Service to Others; The Lesser or Greater Vehicle of Theravada  and  Mahayana Buddhism.

For me there is only The Mission… Win-Win for The All, The One that we are, with no one left out.

Once upon a time, there were three mice that lived in a big cave system.
They spent all their time searching for cheese to eat.

One day they came upon a ginormous, hundred-foot tall, mile-long mountain of cheese filling up a huge cavern.
It was more than they could climb over in a month, and more than they could eat in lifetimes;
so they stayed there happily for years, growing fat and lazy.

One morning they awakened to discover the entire mountain of cheese was gone!
Not even a crumb remained; somebody had taken it all during the night.

Immediately, one mouse went to go find more cheese.
The second mouse started trying to figure out who took it.
The third mouse sat down to wait for them to bring it back.

I’m that first type of mouse, who took off 45 years ago on a Quest for Cheese during the 3rd grade when I realized what was missing.

But I’m not coming back with it triumphant and cheering. I am a step short of the entrance to the big cave; disappearing as I toss this little ball of cheese through the door and hoping someone will pick it up and help me start feeding everyone.

It may not look like that big, glittering mountain… but it’s enough to feed us all if you’ll spread it around.

The Quest has tired me greatly, but left Wisdom in its place; I am still being taught by life and just this moment realized another Pearl of Wisdom denied to the young…

The Journey of a Thousand Miles ends with a single step.

It took awhile… they’re reeaal nervous in West Virgina… but they love cheese too!

They Love

Share the cheese... please? Also, if on a cell phone, there is more down below.